About Telford Business Partnership

For many years, the extent and influence of the Business and Professional services sector in the West Midlands has gone unrecognised, yet there is no single company, enterprise, initiative or public sector organisation that has not benefited from the advice or support offered by the sector.

Business and Professional services / firms are a vital source of knowledge and expertise for all branches of the business economy and are strategically important for the competitiveness of regions such as the West Midlands.

Telford Business Partnership is the network for Business and Professional firms operating in Telford, Shropshire. From a very small and informal start almost 21 years ago, it now represents some of the most dynamic and successful businesses in the local sector. Members range from large multi nationals and household names to smaller, more specialist companies and providers.

Our aim is to bring together the best service providers to supply the first point of reference for any organization or individual requiring access to specialist expertise. We are extremely keen to promote collaboration between our members to provide the right blend of skills to meet every possible business opportunity.