When starting a new business, you are basically a small fish in a big market. Therefore, finding a place where your voice will make a difference is not a walk in the park. The good news is, you can become a big fish in a small market if you do your homework well and find a less competitive niche.

Below are some untapped market niches which you can jump into and achieve success:

1. Fitness

If you are looking for an evergreen niche market that might help you achieve your business goals and objectives in 2020, fitness is the way to go.

For a fact, this niche market has been around for a long time, but this has never compromised its demand.

What makes this niche popular is that there are hundreds of submarkets within it. Therefore, explore them all, until you find an untapped niche market, you believe will work best for you and your prospects.

2. Mental health

Nowadays, people want to know more about themselves. They not only want better physical health, but they also desire the best mental wellbeing. This is the reason why you need to front yourself as an expert and provide solutions to their problems. This way, you will become a business success story in no time.

3. Beauty

Both men and women are now more concerned about their body image than ever before. Therefore, beauty is one of the best niche markets to venture in 2020. 

There are various submarkets within this niche, which include makeup, styling products, hair accessories, nerd niche markets, cosplay, costumes, targeted T-shirts, and many more. Do thorough research and explore this huge evergreen market, and come up with products that will be targeted at a less competitive market.

4. Pet supplies

Nowadays, people love their pets as much as their children. While some industries, especially those that deal with pet foods, are disappearing due to stiff competition, others are thriving. Therefore, identifying the right niche and selling the right pet products will ultimately lead to business success. 

Look – people dress their pets in designer clothes, costumes, and hats. Others need luxury beds, foodstuffs, and toys for these valued companions. If you capitalize on this, it might turn out to be a lucrative niche market.

5. Dating

This is an evergreen market that has tons of sub-niches that you can capitalize on. Whether you choose to start a dating site or a blog that gives the best dating advice, tips, and insights, make sure you do it uniquely. Ultimately, you will find financial freedom in this widely explored, yet rewarding niche.

Niche marketing is, without a doubt, a great tool for small businesses. Understanding how to use it to your advantage will make you stand out from your competition. Ensure you keep tabs on trends in your industry and identify the niches that will remain profitable and popular for decades.